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Should I Stay or Should I Go

Early this morning I got the call from my Mom's residence to give them a call, this is never a good sign. When she was still walking it was usually that she fell and bumped into something. Although once they called to tell me she got into a fight with another resident. Mom gave better than she got. Go Mom. However since being wheelchair bound I rarely get calls.

Anyway this morning's call was to say that she had 103 temperature. They were starting her on antibiotics and a chest x-ray and blood work was ordered. All this is a mixed bag of nuts for me. On one hand I'm waiting for the day for her to go. Some people look at me strange when I say this, but then I know they have never experienced losing a parent and still having them alive. My Mom disappeared 2 years ago and I have a pod person to visit now, take for strolls, and do her nails. However when these episodes come up the pain of possible loss is still there. I guess its something you truly can't prepare for no matter how much you would like it to happen.

Well by the end of the day all the test are in and are pretty normal, she' son medicine, and fever is gone. Now the wait for the next crisis.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Very hard to be a part of, Mike... There is the love - and also the complete sense of detachment. She both is, and isn't, the Mom you grew up with... My empathy, for both of you.

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