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Sane Friends

My Blue Ball

The singles and I went bowling today. I always forget how fun it is. I had a big shiny blue ball, I only needed another to have pair. Always enjoy putting me feet into shoes that have seen more in and out traffic than a crack whore's hoo-ha. The last ingredient is hanging with some nice people.

It was a little group than normal, but I enjoyed talking with everyone. I do find myself a little attracted to the Marketer. When I tried to see what the attraction was since she is different than my usual type. I could see it was like the Hiker yesterday who I liked. Both seem to have solid single lives which is important. My mind is finally calming down on my sabbatical from dating. I'm having a lot of fun just meeting people and doing things. I have to admit that this is the first Memorial Day weekend that I had a full calendar and it felt good.

Everyone is happy with all the events. I just wish I had some more help so that we could have even more things going on. Hey if you have to do something why not do it great.

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