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Well still working to reprogram myself for success. For the last 8 months I've been wanting to update my prayers, meditations, and affirmations. Well this week I finally got off my ass to update them for the times. Now I have different affirmations for each day dealing with different aspects. I almost had to laugh doing the wealth and prosperity one. I couldn't say a few, it was that difficult. So after a few repetions I was able to get them out, so at least I know I'm on the right track.

Today I'm working on changing my negative streak. While I can do an accomplish a lot for others since it is tied in with acceptance and love. I have a harder time with a longer time line with myself. So I'm trying to look at it in a different light. Since when doing it for others it's for love and acceptance why can't it be the same for me. I know I could use more self love here.

The rest is catching all the little negative phrases I spout out and repeating it with something positive. Years ago I remember it took me a while to get rid of "life's a bitch and then you (marry one and) die". It's usually my standard of myself if I slip and say it again. I know I'm on the wrong track.

On another note Spa girl fell off the face of the earth again. I expected as much, but I will still keep to my values.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

It's been months and I've been working on being able to aceept a compliment...

at least now I catch myself doing the sarcastic remark back or rolling my eyes.

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