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As I've stated before my room mate Single is lazy and if to be perfectly blunt not the brightest bulb in the box. The last time our Landlord went away she left dishes in the sink and crap around the place until the day he came back. Well last night she came back with a friend and they baked. So this morning when I got up the sink was full and stuff was all over the counters in stacks. Hopefully when she gets up she will clean. If not I might be stacking all this crap in her room. I'm not cleaning up behind her and I also live there so I need access to stuff. We'll see.
It looks like we have a big crowd to go hiking tomorrow with on the beach. The weather is suppose to be in the 80's so the coastal breeze will be good. Then I can't wait to see Iron Man Sunday at the Commodore. It's our old style movie theater in the area. It's actually a historic landmark and I have to admit it is stepping back in time when you go there.

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Iron Man ROCKED! Have you seen it yet?

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