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Sane Friends

Unplugged Japanese Style

World Cuisine Japan went very well last night. I was very surprised that the restaurant was so crowded for a Wednesday, but the food is great and that's why I picked the place. It was nice to see familiar faces and some new ones. I really did feel bad for the staff since half of the group dribbled in late and I had to keep asking for a bigger table. It was almost like the Seinfeld episode with her telling me it would be 5 more minutes with each change.

The group broke down into 2 eating preferences, sushi and non raw fish. I was part of the sushi crowd and we swapped different pieces like kids on a playground. On of the guys didn't see the wasabi in his meal and just popped the huge wad in his mouth. I thought he was going to die.

Afterwards most of us headed over to Starbucks for a game of Flux and drinks. This Starbucks is now open later than my usual so I changed our next game night to there.

I have to admit when I got home I was disturbed from the night and I didn't know why. The event was a success, the food was great, everyone enjoyed themselves, and the women all made great connections with each other. That was it. While the women started friendships and I didn't. Yes I can be a 5 year old since I didn't get a friendship. It always amazes me how petty I can be. Once I realized this I was okay and the disturbance passed. The guys there last night while I'm happy to see are not people I feel I can make a friendship with.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

That happens. You can't like everyone. Quality is more important than quantity - especially in friendships.


I think women bond easier. When I flew to Virginia in Feb, I met two strangers on the plane. We realized we all smoked, so we went to find the one bar where they allowed it in the airport, during our layovers (we were all going different places).

By the end of the hour, we had exchanged contact info and I am sure I knew more about them than their secrets than their significant others did.

It's just how we ladies do it.

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