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Happy Hour

Since it was slow as anything yesterday I tried a few different avenues to build business. I submitted two articles to the local women's paper and headed over to one of the other alternative health offices in the area to see what they do. I always wonder if the average person can see the difference between health care and money making.
Anyway it was Happy Hour with the Singles last night. It was a fun time even though we had 50% attendance again. The food was good as was the conversation. There was a lot of new faces so it was nice to meet new people.
I was able to remove some more scar tissue from marriage last night which I wasn't expecting. The women were talking about how far they would go to date someone. I was like I'm not driving across the water (45 minutes). They asked why and I told them I didn't want to be driving all the time. Now this really surprised me. They said that if after a couple of dates you weren't taking turns that the person should be dumped. I really had to pick my jaw off the floor when I heard that. However I still have a lot of stuff from my ex and her lazy ass on doing her share.
The funny thing is that people are so surprised that I'm doing 2-3 events each week that I'm attending. Hey it's better than sitting at home. Oh yeah the really great thing is that several women want to hitch a ride when I go to NY to see Eric. Sharing the expenses would be great.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

It looks like you all had a good time!


Look at you big pimpin with all those ladies.

I'm a a girl who doesn't follow those stupid girl rules. If someone is making an effort to drive to see me, I'll do it too. Same goes with grabbing the bill. I'm 50/50 all the way.


I agree w/ the ladies. When I like a guy that lives far off and we have been on more than say 3 dates. I am always curtious of the "drive" time.

Don't short change yourself on Ms Right, just because she lives...45 min away. You just never know...

But, if she starts taking advantage and being high and mighty...DUMP her!!! LOL


Lady in the green jacket wants you bad!

And can you blame her?

If I were at that singles night, I would have kidnapped you right out the damn door!

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