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Sane Friends

I Wish I was a Hamster

Please someone just roll me over. We had our monthly block party today and Outback said they wanted to cater it. Who were we to complain. Nice juicy steaks, chicken, and salad. It was delicious. I really wish I could of stored more in my cheeks to have later. The really funny thing is that I'm trying to invite people and their like "no thanks". Free food from Outback! Are you completely mental to be passing this up? We had a really good turnout and met some new neighbors which is always fun. A couple of my patients came and they met some old friends which was really nice.

The Dating Goddess had an entry about Mandarin Ducks, Feng Shui, and finding love. So I figured what the hey I'll get a pair of Ebay cheap. So I finally got them today. Their cute, but hey aren't they both male ducks. This doesn't bode well. Does anyone have any lesbian ducks to make a trade?

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Hey, Mike! Thanks for the plug in your blog about the ducks. There was no way to comment on your blog, so here’s my two cents:

You have to buy a pair that is male and female! Like in the picture in my posting. Two males won’t do, unless you’re wanting a guy to come into your life.

To make do, tie a little bow around one of the ducks to signify to the Fung Shui gods that one is a girl.



People who pass up free Outback are stooopid!

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