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What's Up With the Men?

Over the pass few weeks with the singles I've met a bunch of guys. I would say half of them plus a few I've met around have really long nose hair. What's up with that? I can't concentrate on what your saying when your nose hair is blowing in the breeze. Especially when one of those long suckers whips me. Invest in a little trimmer and get rid of that. I think the nose hairs age you about 20 years.

On the subject of men I got another issue of Men's Vogue. Looking through it, to hopefully get some ideas for my prosperity map, I found out what's wrong with me. If this magazine is to be believed. I found out that I don't look gay enough nor do I have a obsession with watches. Watch ads far surpassed all other advertisers. I must have missed that memo at the monthly men's meeting. I must have been scratching at that time. A watch just tells time and maybe how many atmosphere's your at, like you'll ever get that answer on Jeopardy. Hell if it gave blow jobs I could see all the attention. However I forgot the other problem. You have to look really gay,whether you have to actually be is unknown (not that there is anything wrong with it). Just the look isn't for me nor do I want to carry around a fire extinguisher to keep down my "flaming".

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Screw the men's magazines. Who needs a watch when you have a cell phone. And metrosexual is not sexay at all.

And boys, trim the nose hairs. And the old man ear hairs while you're at it.


EWWWW! I hate long nose hair - icky icky icky!!!

And I know what you mean about those men's magazines - I like my men to be just that, MEN!


My 12 year old has nose hair that you could braid, yet he won't let me do anything to help him out. I guess I have to wait until a little girl breaks his heart by making fun of it and then he'll let me.


My ex boyfriend let me trim his nose hairs with this trimmer. I went nuts with the trimmer. I had fun. I can hear the sucking of the hairs. AWESOME!!

But just make sure you blow your nose first. I don't need to see the boogies.

I made a guy buy a new fancy watch once. He was walking around with an old tacky one and after that, the shoes and the "attache" case he carried around. He bought a nice leather bag that you place across your chest and he was GQ all the way. Too bad he was a loser.


I can't help but comment, this entry had me laughing start to finish.........

All hail the flowing nose hairs.

Go metro-sexual and you should be fine...........
Rebecca Anne~~

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