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Yankee Candle

Looking over the Williamsburg map I saw Yankee Candle marked on it. Now I know its a big place with the ladies, but I couldn't understand why it was on the map. Driving past it I found out why.
It's a 3 story place. Inside it's like Disney World. Different shops, kiosks, even a holiday section. I couldn't believe it. Yes this is inside the place. The ceiling was done to look like the sky. It was very cool.

I'm not a big candle person, but I figured I would pick up a vanilla scented something for the office. They didn't have any pure vanilla just mixed with other sweet stuff that was kind of sickening. So I passed.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

I love candles, would have totally gotten a bunch!


OMG! I am so jealous-I love their stuff! My house is full of it. If you like coconut scent they make a really nice one. I buy the car fresheners in that scent for my dad.


Wow, that is huge. I see their stores and know that they do fundraisers, too. But, alas, I'm allergic to their brand. I couldn't get anywhere near that place. Thanks for the warning!

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