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A Scent of a Woman

Hanging out with the Singles crowd one guy said how great an old girlfriend smelled that he still can remember it 20 years later. Scent is such a powerful thing and my friend Paul and I know we are suckers for the scent of Suave shampoo in a woman's hair. It is such a nice scent.

However in talking scents, I remember learning that in early man times scent was used to differentiate which clan you belonged to. I remember when I was in high school when I had a run in with this. I use to have a girl sit next to me most of the time since we were in alphabetical order. Pretty girl, but her scent was just noxious to me. Now it was not BO, however it really always made me want to move away from her.

I really haven't had such a strong reaction until now, what 25-30 years later. I have a female patient that is very attractive, but her scent really just makes me want to move away from her. Again I know it's not BO and I can't say its a bad scent, but it does cause a reaction in me.

Anyone else? Beuller?

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Totally makes sense.

A hunky black-haired, green eyed fireman I met when I was 24 wore Paul Sebastian cologne. To this day, 26 years later, if I smell it on a man, I am still automatically drawn to him initially.

Scent triggers comfort and bonding to me. When a guy smells good to me, it makes me respond to him, be receptive.

Not everyone smells the same, even out of the shower.

Being clean is important, and smelling good up close, which I think is indivdual chemistry between two people, is just an added plus...

On the other side, I have had 2 women friends where I loathed their perfume - and ended up really disliking them as well. Maybe it is all connected.

So yeah, what you said is logical. It happens. Just another instinct about who is right or wrong for us platonically or romantically.


I remember when I was in the 3rd grade. This guy threw up in the back of the class room. It smelled like Doritos.

I never ate Doritos again.

Then there's this warehouse smell, that takes me back to my boyfriend from the 8th grade. His home smelled this way.


Scents, yes indeed. Those that I'm allergic to, the false stuff people spray their homes and egads offices with to cover up something else. Typically speaking, I never return to those doctor's offices (some are non-allergenic and okay, many are NOT). Different scents on E, and the perfume he likes on me that I'm almost out of but I'll likely splurge and do the gulp thing I NEVER do and buy more. (I really REALLY prefer a guy to buy my perfume FOR me but I suppose I can make an exception.....). What scents do YOU LIKE, Mike?


I am VERY smell oriented. A certain smell will make me remeber details of a place I haven't been to in 25 years.

As far as men go, I am one of those girls who is drawn to pheromones. A guy's scent can completely turn me on, and I'll be putty in their hands. I'm not talking about cologne at all...I'm talking just the natural boy smell.

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