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Hey it's 4:30 and I'm finally getting a chance to rest. Just a busy day today. I've only seen 1 patient so far though. Just business meeting, lecture, educational seminar, and now back here to finish up the day. With my business meeting I really have to ask, "is there anything that I don't do?" I just found out I have even more responsibilities today. Oye. Oh well more ass to kick. It's funny everyone knows any tough love coming from above has started with me. Honestly I don't know who will take the position after me since no one else is a hard ass like me. I shudder to think what will happen, but hey I don't want this position forever.

I was happy that people showed up for my lecture today. Doing lectures you get use to standing in an empty room. So I was happy when 3 people showed up. They were all surprised that more didn't show. Little did they know. However I really like doing them and teaching people how to be more healthy.

Did I tell you I'm still getting offers to date. WTF? I still don't want to date until I have enough saved up for Eric and the summer since that is my number one priority at the moment. It's just so ironic that as soon as I stop it seems to be open season on me.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Isn't life like that? I have trouble with this concept. We're taught to think positively. But it seems as soon as we STOP fixating on what we want, it appears...


You are a very popular man!

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