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Sane Friends

Bartenders & Sales Women

You know female bartenders and sales women know how to work it. I had a sales meeting this morning and was flashed so much I felt guilty for not stuffing dollar bills in her top. She's new so she's not polished yet to tie it all together. However I'm an old dog with this stuff and I knew I wasn't buying anything when she came. My point was using her for a possible new person in my networking group. However the time wasn't good for her so I set her up in a few others. Always happy to help others.

I finally got my subliminal self-esteem CD yesterday. It's been a long time since I went to bed with some kind of sound in the bedroom. My ex use to always had to have something playing whether it was the AC, fan, or sound machine. I tell you it really made me dream. While the dreams weren't self-esteem builders and I can't remember them now. I knew I was dreaming all night long. When I awoke I didn't feel any different, but I have to admit this afternoon I feel more solid if that makes sense.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Are you sure you weren't feeling more solid because of the chick at the meeting?

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