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Sane Friends

You Must Remember This

Of all the office in the world she had to walk into mine. Since the afternoon was light I headed out to Barnes & Noble to do some more research on Poverty Mentality. How this is going I will make a separate entry. I wasn't planning on heading back to office, but I was getting hungry and still had time before I headed off to meet friends. So who just happens to walk in my door?

Spa girl walked in. I wasn't to surprised since I knew at some point she would walk in. It was interesting seeing her and catching up. I see her differently than I did 6 months ago. Jeez has it been that long since we kissed and she fell off the face of the earth. She had hurt her back a while ago so I offered to help. Most likely this was all orchestrated, but I did it to help another person. So I'll keep it friends this time if she can keep up with that.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Good Tuesday morning Mike.

She's a head case - she will mess up even that eventually. Once a dissappearing act, always a disappearing act.

Think of it in terms of if she was a guy what her behavior would say over the last year.

If you can jump her and dump her, it's worth a try. I don't think she deserves any more, let alone any better.

But that's just because I want to see you in a mutual, healthy, happy relationship. SpaGirl can't be that for anyone.

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