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Sane Friends


One thing I have a hard time wrapping my mind around is this concept that people want to get in front of me. As a chiropractor I have a line around the corner of supplement people wanting to sign me up for their product and sell their wares for them. I've guinea pigged many of them and actually found out that I'm allergic to aloe. I have to admit I would rather get the pens, pads, clocks, etc from the pharmacy companies. At least I have use for the stuff. I hate finding a new supplement person and the look in their eyes when they find out who I am. It's like I'm a 12 buck deer and its deer season.

On the other hand I do enjoy businesses looking for the singles group dollars. While they aren't comping me anything they do make my job easier on finding things to do. Case in point is a hotel in P-town is offering us a bunch of stuff for the group to come. Where are all the bribes I hear about?

1 people had cathartic therapy:

You'd think you'd get a bunch of comp stuff. Bugger!

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