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Sane Friends

A Priest & a Rabbi Walk into ....

I tell you it's like a sick joke like when your married you get hit on more than when your single. Now that I've put dating on hold for a while to kind of clear my head and save some money also, I get offers. The two women online over the weekend I guess were the beginning. This morning in the gym a woman I've seen in there before who is attractive, ends up starting a conversation with me. I had the open to ask her out, but I bowed out of it. Life is always a test to see if you will stand by your decisions.

This week is a slow one here at the office. Last week looked to be slow and turned around so here's hoping that will happen again this week. I do have a lecture tomorrow across the street. I asked for people to RSVP. I was starting to worry, but my first one just came through.

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