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When I'm bored, I'll usually peruse the news articles to keep myself amused. Today I found myself reading about wardrobe mistakes during the summer. Since I work alone this is a nice thing to see how the rest of the country's workplaces are. While I totally agree about not wearing flip flops with a suit and yes I would say that is a firing offense. Come on are you completely insane?

However this next one was like, oh yeah I see a lot of complaints for this. Not!

"If a colleague is revealing too much at work, approach it carefully by saying, "I'm sure you didn't notice, but your cleavage is showing."
Oh yeah I see a lot of guys getting in line to complain about this one. Maybe standing in line to see the offense, but saying something against it. LMAO! Unless your working in a church a little glimpse of flesh keeps your will to live up while working in a carpeted box.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

I like to wear a nice sharp pant suit with cool flip flops or a nice sexy looking roman sandle. Trust me, it's looks nice on me. ;)

I changed my blogname, btw....


LJ - Well women can get away with a lot more than a guy can with fashion. The pic they showed was of a guy and let me tell you it wasn't flattering.


Ahhh a man. I'm sure you'd look great if you wore the suit and flops. ;)
Come on, do it. :D


Its never guys comlaining about the cleavage...it's other women.

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