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Sane Friends

Lost Prince of Atlantis

When I go to the gym it's the time of the seniors and stay at home moms. So the men's locker room is made of up of slow moving old men. Although I have to admit they are pretty good about good about clearing out quickly so you can use the lockers. Enter Pool Man, Lost Prince of Atlantis. I say this because when he comes out of the pool he has so much gear on it's too funny. Floaty belt, headgear, water aerobics weights, etc. He just needs a giant sea horse and he'd be all set.
Now the point of this story isn't that he looks incredibly foolish. Hey it adds some humor to my day as well as a distraction to all the dried up prune men of the locker room. The point is that he is slower than molasses in January in the Artic circle when it's 80 below. For some reason he now likes the area that I use. Now this happens with others, but its not a problem. The problem with Pool man is after he takes off his cape, cowl, and utility belt he moves like a fuckin' slug. No joke taking off pool attire to getting dressed is at least 20 minutes. With him taking up so much space and time it's like grid lock in the locker room. Pool man needs to go back to Atlantis or come at a different time.

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