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Retiring My Guns

I was very happy to finally have my Treo phone arrive. After many attempts to purchase one on Ebay to save a fortune I finally won one. Hell it was easier changing phones that it was getting the new phone I got 2 months ago. I'm still getting use to the thing, but is nice having everything in one item. Usually I have a cell phone and a Palm strapped to my belt. One on each side like a cowboy. It was really weird this morning not to have something on the other side. Their was a moment of panic when I did my last minute check before I went out the door this morning.
On the other side of the street. I visited my Mom this morning since I was away over the weekend. She was napping when I arrived so I know that never helps, but she really is becoming a lump on a log. At least it was beautiful outside to sit with her.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

It's always nice to hang out with mom. :)
I need to get a plane ticket home soon so we can spend the day going shopping and doing our girly things. :)


Treo's and blackberries, so many find them so convenient. I think I would, also.

Sorry to hear about your mom, and your later entry, her being less responsive. Not just the weather, I imagine?

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