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Sane Friends

Sunday Fun

Well people were like rats off a sinking ship when it came to the hike today. It wasn't the 101 it was Saturday, but it was close. However 4 other brave souls and 3 dogs made it. I've never hiked with dogs before so it was interesting. The 2 beagles Max and Zephyr were older and use to it, but Bear the 14 week old pup got pretty pooped the first leg of the journey. We in the singles group never leave a man behind so he had to be carried.
I was hoping there were eagles in the nest along the way, but they were all filled with Osprey. Still a pretty amazing sight. At the half way point we had the beach so we could cool the dogs off. Bear found out pretty fast that you don't drink that water.
While it was very hot, it was the flies and mosquitoes that were the real problem. They attacked us. It wasn't like they fly by you and hope to land on you. These guys mugged us. They just jumped on top of you and tried to feast on you before you killed them. We were smacking each other the whole time.

It was a good hike, but the heat did wear us down and we had to crawl into Subways for lunch. The AC was marvelous. Since I had the day planned out it was back home for a shower and nap. I tell you they were better than the AC at Subway's.

At night I met the singles again for our monthly comedy improv event. Half the cast was newbies so it wasn't as good as usual. However "Don't Dutch my Wookie" still was awesome.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I noticed the two beagles immediately:) We nixed a hike here yesterday, for walking about DC between museums. It was still hot. Fun, but hot.


I absolutely hate mosquitos!!! That's so cute of you guys to carry the puppy! : )

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