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Manic Wednesday

I had an appointment for a case review for my Mom today. I wanted to ask about her leaning and lump on a log attitude over the last few weeks. However when I arrived for my visit today she was all straight and talkative, well as best as she can be. It was a complete turn around. So I sat while she had her nails done and we sat outside. I didn't even know they had the courtyard for the residents there. Anyway during the meeting they said they now had a full time activities person there for the wing. So Mom has been doing more activities like bingo, etc. At least I had my answer.

I tell you the bad thing about texting is you can't really tell the emotion behind it. The Planner and I usually text each other during the day. For a while there I thought she was upset with me. So I called to sort it out, but I had been mistaken. As usual we had a good talk. I helped her yesterday with some chronic muscle pain she's had for a long time. She wanted to pay me and I told her there was no reason. Glad to help and I liked her so I wasn't looking for any. She was a bit surprised by my it's a gift attitude and just pass it onto someone else down the road that you meet.

We talked about my speed talking which I'm notorious for. Especially today since it was a good day and people are calling to come in. So I'm busy. However it's been a while since someone said something about my speed so it was a work out to slow down. The Planner knows how fast I process stuff so I asked her if she didn't mind to remind me and I would slow down. I did point out that I use to talk faster which blew her mind.

Tonight is game night which is always fun. I'm hoping more people step up to help with events since I will want to see the Planner more and I'll drop back to doing 2 events a week. My usual attitude is if you have a problem with it than step up the plate and help. If not STFU!

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Not sure how I wondered over to your blog but thought I'd say hi!

Hallie :)


Must be nice!

I have sore muscles and nobody ever cares to make them feel better.Boo hoo!

STFU-took me awhile to figure out what that stood for. LOL Love it!


Love the STFU attitude-I know more than a few people who should STFU!

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