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It's All Happening at the Zoo

Well I headed out this morning to meet up with the singles for the Zoo. Now while the Chrysler museum is really a great museum especially for a smaller metropolitan area. The zoo is a small zoo. There is a lot of land, just a small amount of animals. It's a nice walk and it's good to see, but every few years is good enough.
This prairie dog was determined to escape. I have to admit he was a damn good climber, but the prison walls were made very well and he keep falling down over, over, and over.

Meerkat manor seemed to be dominated by this one guy. There were two little ones peeking out from their home.

I tried the rhino ride, but this guy just wasn't moving to fast. While I didn't have a problem getting on like the others I did smash my knee into him which didn't feel all that good.

While it cleared up for nicely. The humidity struck very hard. The big cats like this tiger decided it was time for a siesta in the humid afternoon.

Afterwards we decided to try a Peruvian restaurant that I heard about. Boy was the food good.

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