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Friday Night Lights

Well the Planner is driving down this afternoon and soon as I finish in the office we'll head over to see the concert in Chesapeake. The real reason we're going is that she wants to eat at a restaurant she ate last week and really enjoyed. I'm hoping things go well. However if she gives me the cheek like last week there will be problems. I don't like having to have basic relationship items being a problem especially on date 5. So I'll nip it in the bud if it raises its ugly head. She said she was going to do all her girlie things last night like her eyebrows and such. So I'm hopeful.

Getting ready for my trip up north tomorrow. I'll stay at my brother's place tomorrow night and then pick up Eric Sunday afternoon. It's later than I would like, but he really wants to say goodbye to the priest at the church. Oh well. Then it will start a week long adventure of us together.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Hope dinner is good.

Sounds like you might get laid if she's doing all the girly stuff.

Have a good time with Eric on Sunday.


5 dates and y'all haven't kissed on the mouth?

Hope you get something more than a kiss on the ole check book for your long drive and such!!

Have a safe time w/ your brother...boy's will be boys' and I can only imagine the adult fun you two could find! HEHEHEHE

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