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The Business of Dating

When I date I wonder how firm to be with things. Take the Planner. She's attractive, running her own business, and really enjoyed our time together. However I think she has a lot of fears, has never been married, and I feel like I have a lot to offer her, but I'm not quite sure what's there for me. We texted this morning and she said she could learn a lot from me. I guess that's why they have the 3 date rule to see where you stand.
However I find myself at a crossroads of what I would do business wise and personal wise. Putting time, energy, and money into an endeavor that I enjoy, but get nothing else out of on the business side I would dump it. Hasta la vista baby! On the personal side where do I draw the line. Fun and enjoyment are great, but I can have that with many people. The longer I'm with a person the more tied I will get to them. While I'm neither desperate to find a girl friend or get married their is a practical part of me that hates to waste. However as I learn to enjoy life more is this not part of it. Enjoy it for as long as it last. Like driving a car to see how far it goes before it konks out with no more gas.
People as me all the time how I do all the events that I do. My response is how do you not? I've lived a good chunk of my life not living it to the fullest. So now I'm making up for it. In this situation I still have the Lawyer to add to the mix. As usual I would like everything cut and dry. It's easier that way emotionally and when it comes to that aspect of myself I do like the easier, gentle path. So I'll grab my machete and set out in to the explore the unknown jungle of relationships.

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I dunno, Mike, I think I'm missing something here. You sound very indecisive to me. KNOWING if you like someone or not is easy to figure out. Could it be that you just don't want to be alone and that you haven't met anyone that really rings your chimes yet ?

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