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Sane Friends

World Cuisine - Vietnam

This month I herded whoever showed up over to Great Saigon, a really good Vietnamese place. I did start to worry when it was 5 minutes after the appointed hour and no one was there. I'm use to people being late, but absolutely no one was a first. 10 minutes later people started showing up. Besides Ted and Pat who I didn't get to talk to much last time everyone else was new which was good.
The food was really good. I got the recommendation from a friend that lived in Vietnam for years during the war. The portions were huge. So the remains will be eaten today for lunch. The truly funny thing was that I learned some Vietnamese for the event and our waitress was Chinese and didn't know what I was saying. Oh well.

We talked about what next month would be. I liked the Peruvian idea the best.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

When and where is the next event?? I wanna go!!!


MMMMMM good food.


Seriously, if you're going to do foriegn food, talk to some one who's lived in that country! They always know the hot spots.

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