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Hey It's Christmas in June

One thing I love better than opening presents on Christmas (note to self. Idiot you haven't done that in years) anyway I love finding fun new sites. Sci-Fi has a site full of awesome new technology devices. I have to pick the weird fun one.

Theoretical charging bra gets energy from breast motion

The great thing about it is they update all day long. I jones very fast for change on the web. I have to admit for the most part their maybe a ton of information out here, but updating is like the next ice age for most things. So a cool site that is updates tons of times through the day is great for my ADDH web viewing.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

I want one.

At least it might pay for the boob job I will need thanks to my FAVORITE law of Physics...gravity!!!



I read an article on that somewhere else, but it only talked about the movement of very large breasts.

Frankly, I'm not sure the bouncing and jouncing is worth running a battery or two. I'm only a 40C, but I batten those babies down when I run, because I can't stand the jiggle.


Not a fan of the jiggle considering I am blessed with
42DD, but I am sure it yould be great to hook up my bra to a drink mixer and save on the energy! This way I can dance, jiggle and have a drink... Enjoyed reading your posts...

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