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It's funny, the Planner and myself being business people schedule everything. So today we planned our next 3 dates next week. Sunday at her place, Wednesday at on off shoot of my singles group, and Friday at a free concert with my group. Fun, dinner, and Pente will follow.

I tell you sales people are on my life ticks on a coon hound. Jeez they won't stop calling here. I made a few appointments to meet with them. More for others who I can refer to, but there starting to overshadow my patients which is never good.

Other than that I'm enjoying texting back and forth with the Planner today. A mix of feelings and just stuff. I forgot how nice it is to do this kind of relationship stuff. With the last few women I've dated this aspect was missing. I was feeling so good I sent her a card. Hopefully she'll have it Monday.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Something tells me this relationship is getting serious....

Hmmm wonder why I haven't gotten the card yet? he he


Glad you are enjoying time with the Planner. 3 dates next week ? You must genuinely really like her.
Sending her a card is a good move - texting is so impersonal.

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