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A + B = ?

Talking to Eric yesterday and I forget what we were talking about, but he said he wasn't a risk taker. I was taken back by it mostly because I'm the opposite. What can I say I am a head first type of guy with some caution thrown in. Hey I'm a type A personality. Eric has always been a type B. He was such a laid back baby. So I wonder if his non risk taking is his natural behavior or my ex's influence? My worry with him always is if he working to his full potential. I know he has a high IQ and can really do a lot if he puts his mind to it. So I find myself wanting him to be doing his best. However I don't want to push him into things that he just want to do. So you know this is all in my head and no situations have come up. It's just when I think I imagine Eric being like me in tackling things. When he said that wasn't him it threw me.

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Sometimes it can be a shock when our kids are total opposites of what we are. And it is funny how different people can seem on here compared to how they are in real life. I would never have guessed you to be a risk taker since it seems as if you over-think everything you do.


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