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I was trying to turn on a tall lamp. I flicked the switch a few times and nothing happened. So I called out for someone to flip the circuit breaker. Since it was a tall lamp I grabbed it to reach up and turn it on. When I did I felt the electricity run up my arm and through my body. It was a weird feeling to have all the voltage running through me. My hand was clamped to the lamp from the charge. I called out to flip the circuit off again. However my cries fell on deaf ears. I could reach over and pull the plug out of the wall. That would have been the easier smarter way, but I wanted it my way. So I used my other hand to pry my fingers off the lamp. Then I woke up at 1 am in the morning. I really hate when that happens.

So with sometime to try and fall back to sleep I figured I would analyze my dream. Hey I had free time. It was pretty easy for me. I have a choice at the moment of relaxing, doing what is normal, and smart. Or I can do it my way like Burger King. What am I talking about? Sex and the Planner. It was very good the other night and the Planner is still raving about it. My ego should be the size of a small planet right now, but its not. All I can think of is how to make it better.

The words of my friend Jim come back to haunt me. Can you just be satisfied with what you have or do you always need more? I guess the sexual arena will be my next battlefield. I had to truly bite my tongue not to ask what else could I do to make it better for her. It's good question, but one I want to ask at a different time so I can enjoy what I have. It's going to be a work in process.

So 9 hours in a seminar today with only a few hours sleep was a little rough. It's a great seminar and I'm learning a lot to help my patients with. So much that I'll increase my prices $2 so I can cover the extra time I will be spending with them.

I learn the best by being the volunteer so I've been doing that all day. OMG am I sore. Each exercise we're learning is a 7-8 week progression. We learn them in about 2 minutes. I may be in good shape, but boy did these push me beyond my limits.

The really sad part about the seminar were the participants. It has a good turnout, but way too many of them are just there for the credits. I got stuck in one of those groups at one point and I felt like I was at a frat party. It's really weird to have half of the group exercising and the other half just goofing around.

Also I think I'll see if I can teach a fall prevention at the rec center for the seniors. It won't be a money maker, but I think it will be very helpful to them and will get my name out there.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

If things are working in the sex arena for her...my suggestion is don't try to make it better or fix it! What is more appreciated by a woman is the ability to keep it fresh...mix it up...be adventurous...if these efforts don't work-find the humor in it and laugh about it together.

Try to find a way make her feel secure so that she will take the lead and experiment as well...


Always ask what you can do to make it better. Always... Learning each-other's bodies takes time and patience and willingness. Great can be continued great plus 1 :)
Plus, asking frees her up to answer - she knows things about her body it could take years for you to find out - or might never even guess at !
And if she made your ego feel good, then compliemnt her too - woemn are just as hungry for compliments, and have thier own performance anxiety fears.

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