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For some reason I think the clock has started ticking for me with dating again. Not that I have anything going on right now, but as soon as a pretty woman comes into my circle I'm dropping into dating mode. While I'm reigning myself in, I'm still chatting. With Eric coming in a few weeks which is the first time he's been down here in 2 years I want to focus on him. Also the whole visit is going to cost more than I want with gas as high as it is. So watching finances is important.

I'm guessing this is all lust driven since a pretty face is catching me and not someones conversation. Although I have been thinking lately what I want in a woman. A conversation I had with my brother a few months ago has been playing in my mind. He'd said that with his second wife while they were good to each other they never could move up the ladder of prosperity (physical, emotional, spiritual, etc.). I remember that. They tried many things, businesses, etc and they never got off the ground. With my present SIL they have really done well. So I think back to my ex and what my marriage counselor said that I would never be able to prosper with her, that she would be an anchor around my neck. She was so right about that.

So in thinking about all the women I've dated I would say 1 maybe 2 would have fit the bill for that. Now in looking over the horizon I take this into account. While I'm very supportive of the people who are close to me I've rarely choosen people who can support me. So as I look over the present candidates I see good and bad.

The Stylist while I always look for her to be at an event and I think we'll be friends. I know that plane will never get off the ground and that it will be a one way street relationship. However there is something about her that I attach to.

I'm cautious to start anything up with the Banker since she is in my networking group and I don't like to play there. Although almost everyone is married in the group anyway. However she is upbeat, positive, and knows what goes into making things work. Hey for all I know she could already be seeing someone. It's good to think positive.

The Asian has something that attracts me, but I have no idea what. The smooth, creamy skin I know isn't hurting. She's has initiative with things, but demur personality wise. I'm not quite sure if it is ethical or what. It's quite the paradox.

However I'm not dating for now so I guess the point is moot for now.

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