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Another One for the Bucket List

One thing I've wanted to do for a while is go kayaking. So like I usually do I schedule it for the singles. So tonight was the night of the event. We got off to a bumpy start since the park really didn't give us a specific place to meet. So we were scattered around the area looking for it. I made the mistake of walking back into the brush following the kayak launch signs. Oh my god I was swarmed by deer flies. Normal flies just buzz around. Deer flies attach you. By the time I got to the water I was crawling with them. It was almost like a bee keeper with a bee beard. I ran out of there screaming for my friend Kathy to run. She just stood there wondering what was chasing me when I blew past her. I swear it took almost 5 minutes to get them all off of me.

Anyway we almost gave up on the event when we noticed this small group of people. So I walked over and sure enough that was them. The park was on the other side of the animal refuge. So it was quite a drive, but very scenic. We saw herons, egrets, deer, and wild pigs. Sorry no pics I didn't want to get my camera wet so I didn't bring it.

We all had tandem kayaks. At first it was a little rough when we went out on the bay. The wind was against us and the waves were crashing over the bow. Being in the front I got soaked pretty fast. However soon we turned back in to go down one of the canals. Our kayak was defective and I'm sticking to that. They taught us how to turn, but our kayak just wanted to go right. We had the hardest time turning left.

I have to admit it was a little shorter than I would have wanted, but by the time we got back to shore my body was saying different. Afterwards we got changed into dry clothes and stopped for a bite to eat. It's funny. Virginia beach is huge and is the 32nd largest city in the country. The park was in Sandbridge which is located south in the city on the beach. A bit of a ritzy area. I tell you I felt like I was on vacation down there. Everything is so different. Hey now I know when I want to get away for the weekend and I don't want to drive far (about 40 minutes) I know where to go.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I have always wanted to try that too but I'm too much of a wuss. Good for you.


You are so brave...Kayaking...LOL Then again did you recommend any of the HOT ladies where white t=shirts? HEHEHEH JUST kiddin!

LOL can't stop laughing about the deer fly episode! I can still see you running. w/ a swarm of killer deerfly's in hot pursuit! LOL

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