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Sane Friends

Jazz, Art, & the Planner

Tonight was our Wine & Jazz event at the art museum. It was fun, but it is a different type of event. We sit and drink then scatter around the museum. It was all familiar faces tonight especially the Planner (on the right) who I wanted to talk to. I had met her at Happy Hour and we got to talk a little, but mostly I was able to help her business wise. So I wanted to follow up tonight.

Anyway after waiting the required amount of time for stragglers to come I headed out into the museum. Since my face is what everyone recognizes I have to be seen. Bizarre I know. No one wanted to accompany me.

I'm happy to be alone so I enjoyed the Rembrandt etchings. The Planner stopped by to chat for a few moments then was gone. I wandered for a while and later on she popped up on me again. So I talked with her and we chatted as we wandered the rest of the museum learning about each other and the art. At one point she asked about adjusting her shoulder and who am I to say no to putting my arms around a beautiful woman. I have to say she reacted to it quite nicely.

So after we had perused the whole place we sat down to await everyone else. As our small talk died down I asked if she wanted to grab dinner one night. She was like how about tonight. So I ended up with a date tonight. As my friends know once I get my mind made up on something it doesn't take to long for me to make it happen.

The Planner wanted to experience the beach so I choose a place close to the water. We grabbed some light dinner and had fun talking. She was a little restrained until I said I would grab the bill this time. She repeated my words with a smile and then was a lot more open after that.

We headed down to the beach enjoying the sand and getting our feet wet. I did get the pull back when I leaned in for a kiss. She said she was shy so we ended up sitting on the beach for a while talking. When it got late I walked her back to her car and we fist bumped goodnight.

I tell you its interesting to be told I'm bubbly. I have no idea if this will get off the ground. She is attractive and fun to be with. However I don't know what she has to offer. So where ever this goes I'm okay with.

Now I still have to call the Lawyer tomorrow to set something up hopefully before laser tag. Oye! Feast or famine.

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