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Sane Friends

And the Clock Struck One

Well that didn't take to long. One of my new patients said she was going to Laser tag tonight. I asked her to let me know how it went so I could possibly schedule it for the singles. She was surprised that I was single and instantly went in to matchmaker mode. It was pretty funny. By the time she was finished with therapy today she had someone. She also had in mind how we could casually meet. I'll know by Friday if it's a go or not.

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Will keep my fingers crossed for you :)


I was watching this show called Men. With Charlie Sheen and the guy from Pretty in Pink and a little boy. Well Charlie teaches the kid how to act when he goes out to his first girl/boy party.

Make sure when this girl looks at you, that you're standing cool. Pretend you're into the music, nodding your head, looking around and then maybe give her a little wink.
Awwww, you just had to see the show.
Good luck. I'm sure you'll do great. Just be yourself. :)

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