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Post Date Report

Well the Planner and I had a wonderful evening. She met me at my office and she looked great when she walked in the door. It was pouring rain when she arrived so I gave her some treatment to while away the time and we chatted. We talked a lot tonight and learned a lot about each other. I was pretty upfront with her about did she want a relationship which she answered yes. The Planner stated she had a lot of business obligations though. We talked about it. She's had her share of bad relationships and doesn't want to be smothered. Also that she hard time relaxing in the relationship and it would take time. The Planner did know all my assets since she mentioned them. She was surprised and pleased by my honesty, responsibility, humor, etc. I was surprised that she had a big list.

We had a great dinner in the hole of a wall place that she had found. The food was awesome, but from the outside I would have guessed it to be a dump. The concert did happen after all the torrential rain had stopped. 2 other of the singles were there. The singer was really good, but with the ground soaked there was no place to sit. So we walked around the square looking at all the places. We found out that our PDA's are at different levels. I have no problem in public and the Planner knows that I'm very generous with my affection. When were alone she's great, but in public she's a little more restrained.

My biggest attraction to her after just feeling safe with her is our ability to talk things out which is huge in my book. Problems will come up, but we seem to be able to deal with them in a healthy manner.

We're both going to be sleeping really well tonight. On a side note I guess my time in the gym has paid off since the Planner keeps drooling over me being solid muscle. Who knew?

So our problem for the next week is that their will be no sex until Eric is gone. It's funny since I'm okay with it, but the Planner I think is going to be jonesing. I did suggest that she could drive over one night and we can have sex in her car. I was surprised to see her thinking about it. LOL.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Very glad things turned out well. A little deprivation at this point can add to the spice :) Just don't make a habit out of it !


OOooohhhh... Mikey's got a girlfriend.

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