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Oh it Be!

I went for my weekly adjustment and OVDC was like you have no problem finding someone. Instinctively I would like to say I have problems, but I have to admit to most people I know I do pretty well.

I didn't call the Lawyer tonight since I was exhausted. I've been waking early and I don't like that when it happens for a few days. This week it has been about 6:20 every morning. The strange thing is that I don't wake anxious or have anything on my mind. So I'm not quite sure what is driving it. Anyway after a a busy day in the office mixed with me running errands it was a long day. I got home, changed to something comfortable and plopped on my bed for a while.

I ended up continuing my texts with Planner and then figured I would just call her since after 3 texts I would rather talk. So like last night it was a fun conversation with lots of laughter. It was nice to hear that she has a part time job on the weekends. I'm not the only one struggling. Since she was busy tomorrow night I'm going to drive over to her house Sunday night for us to do something. Not quite sure yet, but it will nice to see her.

They weird thing for me is the Lawyer now. You know me I'm the monogamous dater so to have someone I said I would call at some point make me uncomfortable. I guess I have to remember I'm not doing anything wrong.

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