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Sane Friends

The Lunch Date Minus Lunch

The Planner stopped by today after her meeting. It was good to see her and show her my office. She had a very good meeting so she was all hyped. I offered her therapy and I had to twist her arm to accept (heavy sarcasm there). I massaged her hands then she did mine while she was on therapy. She does a very good job.

One thing I had to thank her for was all the compliments she gives me. I forgot how nice it is to get them from someone you're seeing. Another little area of healing of mine. The Planner is still getting use to kissing someone again. Hugging is no problem and she's nice and huggable which I like. Our biggest problem so far is separating. We get very relaxed around each other and don't want it to end. Plus we already have our little inside jokes.

I will tell you I see the difference between her and Law girl. While I did like Law girl the chemistry level was low. So now seeing it on high is a big eye opener.

The Planner just called and said if I ever want to stop by her place to get away I could which was very nice of her. She said she was going to be busy tonight and I could use the night to relax. Besides I want to clean my place for Thursday when she comes over.

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