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Sane Friends


When I called the Planner last night their was no answer so I left a message. She texted me this morning that she had fallen asleep early. Her message was cut off so I had to contact her. She cancelled our date Wednesday to catch up on work, but kept Friday. Me thinks she couldn't take another sleep over in such a short time. She seemed very business like today so I'll tackle the vulnerability thing tonight when we talk. Is this what she wants or is she willing to work on letting me into her life.

On a separate note a friend of mine quite our business group since she is too busy. While I'm happy for her I hate when relationships are disrupted. I know I can pick the phone up anytime, but a planned meeting each week is better for seeing people.

Lastly I'm looking forward to Laser Tag tonight. I'll get to see if it would be a good singles event. Also meet this person my patient thinks would be a good match.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Hope you two really get to talk things over in detail, Mike. Somehow, I think you are both a little scared - and self-sabotage may be a habit pattern. Nobody likes getting hurt, and running is easy...
I don't think you are fully offering yourself either - given that, it's not surprising she is cautious.
Who takes the steps to be open and giving now that the first disconnects have been out there ?
I hope you do, and she follows suit.
If you REALLY cared, I think you'd be more worried and less sure she won't let you in...

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