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I'm not quite sure what a stripper smells like. I only met one at my bachelor party and I wasn't that impressed. All I remember was the giant face of Jesus on her shoulder which as every guy knows makes you hotter than the sun. However I can't remember what she smells like which is probably a good thing since I would only remember a bad smell after all these years.

One thing I was realizing last night was that I haven't gotten much love back from the women I've dated. My ex was good with it for the first year of dating, but it had decreased a lot by the time we married. Don't even ask. The only other woman was Aroma girl who helped me heal a lot after my divorce. Not quite sure where I'm going with this, but as I look out there for women to date I need to make sure this is in the mix. I can easily fall back into I'm use to not much so it's okay. However it's no longer okay with me. Also I have to watch out that I don't fall for just a pretty face.

7 people had cathartic therapy:

Okay, you're typing too fast and not proofreading slow enough. It distracts me from your message.

Fix that last sentence.

Pretty please. :-)

Class dismissed.


Proof read? WTH is that?

All fixed Teach.


Be thankful for your introspection!


date girls in their 30's and be sure to adorn them w/compliments...Between the sex drive and feeling GREAT about ourselves...we 30=somethings really get all worked up and possibly, give it up!!!

So now Im off to research this HOT wax you speak of!


strippers smell like vanilla. ALWAYS.
I smell like cotton candy. ALWAYS.


Blob - Why do they smell like vanilla? If they do then my office smells like a stripper's place.

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