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Sane Friends

Perceptions of Panic

Well I have to admit it was a full day at the office and the phone kept ringing for more people to come in this week. I walked across the way to ask my friends if they wanted the Beowulf free tickets. When they didn't want them I walked into the spa where Spa girl works. She looked great and we traded a few words. I gave her boss the information she wanted and then next thing I know I'm talking to her husband and he's coming in Thursday as a new patient. No complaints, but WTF? Like who threw the switch? Anyway by the time I finished talking to him I needed to get back to the office. I had hoped to talk more to Spa girl, but told I would talk to her later. However she was gone by the time I finished.

Official salsa class was good tonight and it was about my biggest problem. Timing and how to pick it out of the music. Got some of it, but learned the basics to practice. So between class and the club I realized I had Spa girl's home number from when I called her back a week ago. So when I called I got her room mate who wanted everything except a DNA sample from me. After a few moments she came back and said the Spa girl couldn't come to the phone. I left a message that I would talk to her tomorrow. Nothing really happened expect I'm Mr. Negativity when it comes this stuff. So I immediately jump to the conclusion that she is blowing me off. I'm starting to truly to hate going over to the spa. It's like walking up to a group of girls. There really is no privacy and i have a hard time connecting with a bunch of women hanging over my shoulder. My hope is that she'll stop over at my place.

Well if everyone comes in like they say they will I will have broken a new record in the office this week and really with one day less since I will be closed Friday to go to NY. Pretty impressive stuff.

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