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It was a week reading the trade journals and a common them this week was what was your mission in your business would dictate your policies and such. Since I go for quality over quantity I know there will be a ceiling to what I alone can do in the business. What dictates if that will be profitable or not is how much people are paying for my services. The better insurance companies will help with that. The cheaper ones I'll keep since its money which is better than none. Most of these patients wouldn't come in if it wasn't covered. So I have to make sure I schedule these people into the slower times and leave the better compensator's the busy times.
So my thought is how to increase revenue in the office? I have a few retail items, but I don't push them. They're there if someone wants one, but I'm not a big retail person like one of my friends. Nutritional items are big, but again I'm not a pusher with stuff. I just tell people what I think they will need. I have a friend who is much bigger into it than I and I just refer my patients to him and he's good at referring me anyone who needs my services.

So besides leasing my extra room to someone outside my industry I have a massage therapist option. I was going to do this when the massage therapist across the hall was suppose to leave. She decided to stay. I refer many patients to her, but haven't gotten anything back. My patients are happy so I'm good with it, but it could be good revenue for my office. Hey if it pays my rent each month I would be more than happy. My concern is that I'm friendly with this person. However I realize there is a chiropractor right across the street from me and I don't give a shit about them. So I can't cut my own throat not to annoy someone else.

I know she wants to go into business with me, but I would strangle her. She's very sloppy business wise and I couldn't take that. When it comes to business I want my i's dotted and my t's crossed by the people I work closely with. So this is going to be the start of a 4-6 month plan. The good thing is the start up is low. A massage table, CD player, and a legal agreement. Now I just need to start implementing it.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Having a massage therapist is a GREAT idea. Having her as the massage girl, maybe not so much.

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