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As the joke around here goes, "if you don't like the weather just wait a few days." Anyway it was down in the 30's here last night and up into the 60's today. We're suppose to have 70 degree weather for the next 2 days. So I have 90 minutes to blow. I'm beach bound. It's been a while since I have been down there. The ocean is a little too far for the time constraints and gas usage. However the bay works just as well and at 10 minutes it's cake. The sun was warm and the water calm. It was nice to breathe in some fresh air and catch some rays while I scratched pine sap off my car.

So I'm sitting at my desk today after a few patients have left and I notice something on the far wall. It's new so I get up to check it out. It's a fuckin' booger. The kid that was here earlier wiped it on the wall. WTF! I wanted to go and track down the little beanier and push his face in it. Tissues right there. What are they teaching these kids?

I think I'm passing on dancing tonight. I'm tired and if I wasn't going to NY this weekend I would push. However the long drive always takes something out of me. I work too hard to see Eric that I want to be fully awake to enjoy it. Official salsa class starts tomorrow. Hopefully I'm not the only person there. I like the group, but a lot of the guys are unemployed or in school so paying isn't in there budget. The women are better off for some reason.

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