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Sane Friends

Monday Monday

I got to work today and I turned on my PDA and nothing happened. I fiddled around with it for a while and still nothing. I was starting to get angry and worried. Then I thought when was the last time I charged this thing? When I couldn't remember and I knew it was way before the Stevie Nicks concert over a month ago I figured the battery went dead. I was amazed on how depend I had become on it to keep all my appointments. Happy to say it is working and charging at the moment.

My ex texted me today to inform me she had mailed out the divorce papers. So I was happy to tell my attorney he'll have them tomorrow and this can finally be over with.

After a long day in the office today I escaped over to Starbucks to finish up my marketing work. As soon as I walked in I was attracted to this woman who was sitting with her friend/business associate working on their laptops. I knew in a flash why I was attracted to her. She looked so much like the Latina I dated years ago. It was a very weird relationship, but the sex was awesome. My gibbering monkey brain had no problem meshing the two in my mind. However frequently looking over at her had no affect. I got a better response for the woman in her 50's that walked in. Even when her friend left and she was left alone, boy did she keep her attention on that laptop. Now before I get a bunch of comments I was looking to the point that she should have been calling the cops. Just enough for her to know I was interested. In my younger days I probably would have gone for it anyway. However older me I like to think is wiser and decided if she couldn't even give me a glance and a smile I was going to really be starving in a relationship. Although I did get a glance on the way out.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Dude!! The intensity of your stare is starting to creep *ME* out, cut it out! ;)

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