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Sane Friends

Friday Afternoon

We had our monthly office block party today. As one of the organizers it's a little work, but fun. However relaxing outside with burgers on a Friday afternoon is no way to energize oneself to go to a second job. I'm dead tired. The turn out was less than last time, but more people helped out which helped. We invited the fire department again, but they didn't show this time.

To wake up I headed over to Starbucks, but I have to admit the big comfy chairs really didn't help. Although I did get to drink with the Chik-Fil-A cow which was funny. I also go to watch as some inspector walked around checking everything out in Starbucks. It was more of a structural exam. Chairs, tables, walls, etc. Weird?

I need to pack up for my health fair tomorrow and practice for my lecture next Tuesday. At the moment I'm using most of my energy to stop my face from coming in contact with the keyboard.

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