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Sunday Monkey Wrench

Well on my way to meet IT Girl I had a message from her. So when I called she asked if we could cancel since she said she was feeling reflective today and knew she wasn't in the best frame of mind to meet someone. So I told her no problem and just to let me know when she wants to go out.

So I found myself with some free time today. With that in mind I went over to see the Transformers movie. I had finally talked to a few people and they were correct. Leave your brain at the door and it's a fun summer movie to watch. The 2.4 hours went by rather quickly except to my ever expanding bladder. The guy at the urinal next to me was looking over at me since I was there way before he got there and I was still standing there when he left.

7 people had cathartic therapy:

oohhh.. that sounds like it might be a red flag.


it amazes me when people will say shit like that... she could have just said she wasn't feeling well and would have to reschedule.


Everyone is talking about the Transformers. I need to go see it.


(ummm..blame Misstressm for me being here..heh..heh..heh...Hi M - *waves*)

Now..on to better things!

IT Girl? Hey, that's me! I didn't know we had a date. It would be a long drive but hey...I'm all about new sites, sounds and coffee! Wheeee...! Oh wait, you weren't talking about me, were you? (sigh)

And then....Transformers!! WHOO freakin' HOOO!! That movie rocks! Edge of my seat, non stop action from start to finish (plot..shmot!)I laughed, I cried, I raged, I (almost) pee'd myself too! ha..ha..ha..!

Did you catch the "slogan" written on Barricade's rear fender? (the cop car) heh..heh..heh!!!

Oh and btw- Hi Mike! ;)


"To Punish and enslave". You got to love it. Yes we had a date. Next time you may need to getup earlier to make the long drive. Welcome aboard. It may be a bumpy ride.


Okay, okay...I'll get up earlier, but just so know, I'm an obnoxiously happy morning person! That's even w/o a cup of coffee first thing -(w/ the coffee it's even worse!). :)

Wheeee...I used to ride dune buggies in the High Desert at Edwards AFB, bumpy rides don't bother me at all.

Bring it on!!

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