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Thursday Thirteen

13 Things You'll Never Hear Me Say ...

1) Can I have a beer?

2) No I don’t mind if you light up.

3) Sex? Nah I’m not in the mood.

4) (To a woman) Sure cut your hair short I don’t care.

5) I really want to get back with my ex.

6) Can you put some cheese on that for me?

7) I think I would look better with an ear ring.

8) I want to make a baby.

9) I want a tattoo right there.

10) I can’t wait to see that new horror movie!

11) Can I please have some medication?

12) Be a man, don’t cry.

13) No you drive. I love being a passenger.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

#1 - You don't like beer? Really? Are you sure you are human? So what *do* you drink?

#2 - Rock on! You the man!

#4 - Uh oh. you lost me there...just chopped it all off and love it!

#5 - why, oh why do people do that?

#6 - no cheese???? wait..are we talking dairy product or metaphorical cheese?

#8 - Whoo..hoo..you got me back with that one! If I ever uttered that phrase it would be because I'd been taken over by a body snatcher!

#9 - oppps...and lost me again, also just got a tattoo on my lower back

#10 - Damn! you are pulling further and further away... LOVES me some horror flicks! I have the Alien Quadrilogy memorized (although...after #3, we start getting into the metaphorical cheese factor)

#11 - umm...is that a subtle nudge for "I like pain, yes Mistress may I have another please?" (smack!)

#12 - men crying is okay, just not all the freakin' time..geez..enough with the water works already... I'm getting pruny!

#13 - what is that? the universal guy thing? I've yet to meet a man who didn't want to drive. The key question is - does it have to be all the time, if the answer is no, will you spend the whole trip clutching the "oh shit" grip and jerking spasmodically in the seat?


Cinnkitty - #1 boy you really made me work. I had to go look my list up. No I don't drink alcoholic beverages and no I'm not in AA. #2 I'm allergic to dairy (reading last weeks might help you here.)#11 I hate taking any medication #12 Hey if your a confident driver I have no problem, but it a rare thing.


Lol, I'm in a women in American Lit class and we were talking last week about how sensitive men are these days. I dated a guy about three years ago (he was 22 at the time), and I swear that guy cried more in our seven month relationship than I have in my whole life. Maybe that just means I'm a bitch for making him cry so much. ;-)

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