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Well as you may know I got pounded at the car mechanic the other day. I should have done the work myself. Mechanics are getting like medical doctors. Can't tell you shit unless they run some expensive test. So after the did their diagnostic and some other mumbo jumbo It added and extra $100 to the bill. Jeez just pull a gun on me next time so I get the full experience of being robbed.

Anyway on my way to Potter mania last night I got me second unexpected bill and I am happy to say my bank account is now empty with 10 more days to go to the end of the month. I really hate it when this shit happens. So I really wasn't in the greatest of moods for the book release, but I got it anyway. However stress was crushing me and by 7 this morning I had to deal with it. Any money I could have pulled out of my ass was done so, long ago. So the only thing that had changed was my attitude which I knew wasn't that positive. I ran down the few options I have which really amounted to bills being paid late, which I detest. Doesn't make me a bad person, just a poor one. It allowed me a few more hours of sleep. I am grateful that I don't feel destitute today, but I feel isolated by the pain I still have.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I love my car guy. The last time I took my car in for an iol change, tires, and breaks I came out with a $1700 bill. Now I have to take my car in for the scheduled maintenance and I am afraid. But i figured.....if there are no lights on in the car telling me there is something wrong, I shouldnt worry. Right?


I heard my neighbor paid $900 for his first scheduled maintenence then like $1700 for his second. Hey if my car wasn't ready to stall out I would have waited for a while.

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