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After a long or rather quick weekend I find myself in a better mental state today. Nothing has changed money wise, but my attitudes have compensated. When I am in a lot of emotional pain I feel the want to isolate and feel separated from the rest of the world. Like a child that thinks no one is as bad off as he. I think that realization was my turning point yesterday. I've been in this spot enough times in the last 3 years to truly despise it, but to know it is not the end of the world. I remembered an acquaintance that was losing the battle with cancer and it reminded me of all the things I am grateful for. One of the bigger ones was how I handle this all now. Years ago I would of though of blowing my head off than deal with it. So progress is there especially when I can think of dating again. Still can't afford anything, but at least my mind has pulled out of its pity party death spiral.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Uh..yeah...not wanting to blow your head off is a DEFINITE improvement, I'd say. :)

Congrats on the breakthrough. But um..I thought you were already thinking about dating. What about IT girl??? heh..heh..heh..!


Well with financial problems I always back out. IT Girl? I really should have said, "it's just drinks, it' not a marriage proposal." I didn't think I would hear from her again. She probably lost my number amongst all her baggage.


Well, everyone has baggage, seriously.. it's crazy to think otherwise. The important part is to find someone whose luggage matches yours or is at least color coordinated. Or, as a friend of mine likes to say: "You need to find someone whose *crazy* compliments yours." :)


Oh I know everyone is crazy. IT Girl is big toe in the water which is slowly followed bythe four other piggies. Me I'm more of a jump right in there type of guy. ALL her questions were grating on me already and we hadn't met so I wasn't expecting much.

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