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Disgusting Sounds & Smells

I had a business meeting over at Starbucks today. When it ended I hung out to finish up my new direction in marketing after getting all the new information. This old man shuffles over and sits in the chair next to me. I could sense he was trouble, but didn't know what form it would take. Anyway about 5-10 minutes later he finishes his Frapacino. He then proceeds to use the next five minutes sucking up every last drop of the stuff in the cup. 10 seconds I'm good, 20 seconds your pushing it, and 30 plus you're asking for a ass beating. I looked over at the guy to say something, but he looked so clueless I figured this might be his only enjoyment so I kept my mouth shut.

I won a gift card to the Cheesecake Factory. I had drinks with L on our second date there. The light was dim and we were all over each other so I didn't really see how it looked inside. I have to admit I was pretty impressed. The food I got was okay. I used the men's room there and before I got there I was wondering what the smell was. When I opened the door I almost expected my flesh to dissolve the bombing was that intense. I was surprised as held my breath as I went inside that it didn't have some kind of fresher system. It was just some dark gas chamber.

My perfectionism kicked in this morning after my business meeting. Even though my presentation was really well liked by everyone I learned today what I had missed on and why it didn't generate a lot of business. I couldn't hear all the good stuff that was said about me because I was focusing on what I had failed to do even though I had never learned what was taught today. So I'm trying to take it as a learning lesson in which I'll have plenty more chances to get right.

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You know.... you are making me soooooo jealous with all this talk of Starbucks. What??? Is the store in your freaking parking lot or something? I'm dying here... why you gotta keep teasing me this way?? Need java....must...have...java.....

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