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Thirteen things no one knows about me (or very few):

1: I've sold vacuum cleaners door to door

2: I've been a radio DJ

3: I'm a Wing Chun Kung fu teacher

4: I'm partially color blind

5: I have very flat feet

6: I have a brother named Mike

7: I'm highly allergic to dairy products in any form

8: I knew how to adjust people long before I went to chiropractic college

9: When I was 32 I use to look at 1-2 thousand pictures of porn a day

10: I don't text. I know it exists, but I don't beleive in it

11: In 12th grade for the hell of it. A friend and myself followed one of out teachers everywhere they went for a week.

12: I fence, you know with a sword

13: For about a quarter of my life I slept with a knife or some other weapon next to my bed

3 people had cathartic therapy:

**Just curious about #12 - Ummm... is that Olympic style fencing or another kind of fencing...like...oh..I don't know, historical reenactment kind of stuff? ;)


I guess you would classify it as olympic. I'm not part of the society of anachroism or however it goes.


Sooo...what? You belong to a local fencing "club" or something? I just think it's not your "ordinary..average" kind of hobby, so it's curious to find someone who does it. But it's one hell of a "Ice Breaker". So...what kind of hobbies do you do? Ohh..the usual, reading, hiking, skewering people with swords. ha.ha..!

Trust me...Olympic (aka strip) fencing doesn't ususally translate well into the SCA (society for creative anachronism)anyway..so no big loss there on your part. ;)

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