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Sane Friends


That's not really the sound I made when I heard how much for my car at the mechanic. When he gave me the list of everything they could do for my car and he told me $565 I was like lets cut it back. Most things he said I could do myself. However new plugs would be a pain so with the diagnostic and and a few other things I got him down to three and change. That sound? That's the sound of my stomach tightening up to the size of a freakin' raisin. When money is at an all time low a car expense like this really sucks.

Having the next two days of deadness around the office doesn't help. Today besides paperwork and marketing I have a few appointments with some women who want to use me for business. I must be doing something wrong since no women want to use me for sex. Well I do have an networking event tonight. I'm not a big fan of this one and I haven't been back to one in 3 years, but I met the person giving it and she said she would introduce me around. So what the hey it's free.

Besides that I found a Yo Yo book at the thrift store yesterday so I'm keeping myself busy with my yo yo today instead of going out into the blistering heat outside today.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

A yo-yo book? Ahhh..soo...your "Yo-Yo-Fu" is weak! You must concentrate harder on the power of Yo. You must let the Yo flow through your body, filling you with its glorious wonder. Only then, will you ever be a true Yo-Master! hee..hee...!

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