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Sunday the Good & the Bad

We've been plagued by daily severe thunderstorms here. Friday it blew out my landlords stuff (TV and phone). The funny part is that it was only his stuff, no one else's in the house. So he installed a temporary phone for himself, but it's upstairs and it rang at 6:22 am. Hopefully his stuff will be fixed tomorrow.

With all this rain the humidity is like 200%. Every time I walked out of the AC today my glasses would just fog up. It was so freaking annoying to suddenly go blind when I got out of the car or the store.

On the good side I got to sleep the morning away which is something I haven't done in a while. Also I found out I knocked off 2% off my body fat so that I'm down to 18% which I'm happy to stay at. If I lose a couple of more points great, but don't want to go up.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Ooohhh...yeah...loves me some sleepin' in time. That's good stuff, right there. Especially if it's raining! Good snuggling weather, that! If'n you have someone to snuggle...

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